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Frontpage News Best tenant committee in Finland -competition

Best tenant committee in Finland -competition

We are searching for the best tenant committee in Finland! Does your property have a tenant committee that deserves to be celebrated? Do you have the best events, have you accomplished something great at your property, or do you simply have the best team? Now you can brag! The tenant committee, awarded as the best in Finland, can refresh themselves with experience gift cards.

Gather your tenant committee together and participate in the competition like this:

  1. Think about what makes you the best tenant committee in Finland.
  2. Compile the answers in text and pictures, a picture collage, or a video.
  3. Participate in the competition by sending your answer no later than 13th May by filling the participation form:

The best tenant committee in Finland is decided by a panel consisting of representatives of SYL, SAMOK and SOA. The best resident committee will be selected and the winner will be announced during May. As a reward, each member of Finland’s best tenant committee receives, in addition to fame and honor, an experience gift card (value €50).

Good luck in the competition!

Terms and conditions

Organizer of the competition

Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region sr (later Hoas or Organizer)
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29, P.O. Box 799, 00101 Helsinki
(09) 5499 00

Idea of the competition

In the Best tenant committee in Finland -competition participants argue why they are the best tenant committee in Finland. Participants deliver the arguments in text, pictures, photo collages, or video to Hoas. Hoas can publish these materials in their Instagram account @hoas_fi.


The contest is open to Hoas tenant committees.

To participate in the competition, one has to fill out a Webropol-form.

All who have participated according to the rules participate in a competition where we search for the best tenant committee in Finland. Winners will be chosen among all participating student housing tenant committees by panel that consists of representatives of SYL, SAMOK, and SOA. Hoas will deliver only the participation material to the panel and no additional information will be delivered to the panel.

Competition period

The submission period is from 15th of April to 15th of May 2024.


All participants that have participated according to the rules will have an opportunity to win an experience gift card (value 50 €) to all the members of the tenant committee. If the prize is not available at the end of the competition, it will be replaced by a similar product.

Contacting the winners and winner announcement

Winning tenant committees’ contact person will be contacted personally through email or phone. Prizes will be delivered by mail. Prizes will be delivered only to home addresses in Finland. In addition to the home address, winners must tell their name.

If a winner cannot be reached in two weeks after announcing the winner, a new winner can be chosen. An unused prize is not replaced, and it cannot be exchanged into cash.

Winners will be announced in Hoas’s Instagram account after the competition. The name of the winning tenant committee or other nickname can be published on Hoas’s Instagram account, internet page or other Medias without separate consent.

The validity of the terms and conditions

All entrants must abide by these terms and conditions. Possible ambiguities concerning applying and interpreting the terms and conditions will be resolved by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to changes in the terms and conditions. The Organizer has the right to dismiss entries that are against rules or inappropriate in other ways.

Responsibility of the Organizer

The winner of the prize releases the Organizer from any responsibilities caused or claimed to be caused by participating in this competition or by receiving the prize. The winner of the prize also releases the Organizer from all responsibilities pertaining to the future use of the prize or malfunctions appearing in it, as well as all responsibilities relating to injury or damage caused or claimed to be caused by participating in this competition, or by redeeming or using the prize. This release from responsibility does not, however, weaken the consumer rights granted by the Consumer Protection Act. The responsibilities of the Organizer towards the participants does not exceed the value or quantity of the prize mentioned in these rules.

Instagram’s freedom of responsibility

This competition is not in any way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram. The competition has nothing to do with Meta.

By participating all participants release Instagram of any responsibility related to the competition.

Privacy Policy

Administrator of the register

The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region sr
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29
PL 799

Contact person in matters regarding the register:

The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region sr (Hoas)
Saara Saksanen
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 29
PL 799

Purpose of handling personal data

The data obtained in connection with the competition is used for selecting winners, delivering prizes, compiling statistics, and announcing the winner.

Content of register

The register contains at its most the following data:

name of participant’s Instagram account
email address
phone number

Regular sources of data

The aforementioned data is collected when contacting the winners of the competition.

Regular disclosing of data

Data is not disclosed outside of The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region and third parties working for it in administering or developing the service or collaborating with it. Data is not transferred or given outside EU or ETA.

Principles of securing the register

The data system and files of the register administrator are secured with technical security methods normally in use in business.

Data subject’s right to review data concerning oneself and right to rectification of data

All subjects to the data have a right to review the data concerning oneself and a right to request the rectification of erroneous information. The data subject may exercise their rights by presenting a request about the rights to Hoas in writing. Exercising these rights requires the data subject to prove their identity.

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