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Satomäentie 1

Jokiniemi-Tikkurila, Vantaa


Property includes the following services
  • Internet: DNA
  • Laundry
  • Sauna
  • Clubroom

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11.6 m²
2 pcs
313 €
Satomäentie 1, 1h
11.6 m²
2 pcs
313 €
Two-room apartment
40.5 m²
36 pcs
430 - 443 €
Satomäentie 1, 2h+kk
40.5 m²
1 pcs
430 €
Satomäentie 1, 2h+kk
40.5 m²
35 pcs
443 €
Three-room apartment
61.5 m²
39 pcs
602 - 620 €
Satomäentie 1, 2h+tpk
61.5 m²
6 pcs
602 €
Satomäentie 1, 2h+tpk
61.5 m²
33 pcs
620 €

Affordable apartments close to Tikkurila campus

Good availability, apartments often available.

These small, wood-structured houses are situated within walking distance of the services of Tikkurila and Hiekkaharju. Transport connections by bus and train are good from the stations. The neighbourhood boasts great outdoor areas for cycling, skiing and even fishing. This naturally beautiful area is well suited to families with children.

There are family apartments and two-room apartments for one person.

The tenants can use the various common spaces available in neighbouring Akanapolku and Tähkäkuja properties.

Basic information

Internet service provider
Energy class
Basic renovation year
1995, 1999, 2000
Construction year
Facelift renovation year
  • Evaluate the general atmosphere, rental level, location and condition of the property. Please write your review in either Finnish, Swedish or English. Do not include any information that may identify you, such as the apartment number. Because reviews are submitted anonymously, we review all reviews received before they are published.

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    Fill out the housing application

    You can apply for an apartment with an apartment application as soon as your study place is confirmed. The application is valid for three (3) months from the date of submission. More information about applying to Hoas.

    Housing application

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