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Basic renovations and facelifts

We maintain a high standard of living by renovating and repairing our properties. We use modern, energy-efficient technology and highly insulating structures in construction and repair. In accordance with our sustainability objectives, we make amenity repairs by non-dismantling means.

Basic renovation

The majority of the maintenance work carried out on the properties is basic renovation, during with which the building components that have reached the end of their life cycle are renewed. Basic renovations take place in cycles of 20 years on average. Every year, we renovate approximately 300-500 apartments. Basic renovations are not made for individual apartments, but only for the entire property at once.

We ensure the longevity of the projects’ life cycle and minimize the need for maintenance and repairs by making repairs in a timely manner and using the structures to the end of their life cycle. We also invest in long-lasting solutions at once. We use modern, energy-efficient technology and highly insulating structures in construction and repair.

Prior to the basic renovations, the condition of the apartments is mapped and the nature of the modernisation is determined by the mapping. When planning renovations, we also take into account the wishes received from the tenants and collect feedback on the renovations carried out and their outcome. During basic renovations, we also aim to reshape the apartment floorplans to better meet the needs of the tenants. For example, larger apartments may be converted into studios by dividing them into smaller apartments. We also develop concepts related to common areas so that the facilities serve the tenants as well as possible.

It is not possible to live on the stair to be renovated in extensive renovations, as the area will become a construction site. Hoas will always notify the tenants of a beginning basic renovation no later than six months before the renovation begins. Hoas also informs the tenants well in advance of the basic renovation about the effects of the renovation on the tenants’ leases. The operating models of possible housing arrangements may differ depending on the size of the properties and the amount of overlapping basic renovations. 

Basic renovations will be made to the entire property at once.

Katajanokanranta 21 Hoas Katajanokka
Katajanokanranta 21 before basic renovation
Katajanokanranta 21 after basic renovation

Ongoing and upcoming basic renovations

Vieraskuja 5

A basic renovation has been finished at the property in July 2022.

The renovation included renewing water pipes, sewers, electrics, data networks and air conditioning. Also, all the surfaces and fixtures in apartments, common spaces and staircases were renewed and the roofs renovated. We also changed the layouts of the apartments – previous shared apartments were renovated into family apartments, and two-bedroom apartments into studios. This means there are more apartments in the property than before. The roof top and the safety equipment on the roof were also been renewed as part of the basic renovation. The yard was also completely renewed. After the renovation, the property offers better quality student apartments at a reasonable price.

Facelift renovation

The aim of facelift renovation is to achieve the greatest possible change in the general appearance of the apartment with the least possible housing disadvantage. As a result of the renovation, the apartment will have new floor surfaces and a more modern-looking kitchen. Occasionally, bathrooms are renewed during the facelift renovation. Depending on the extent of the renovation, the facelift renovation of one apartment will take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Facelift renovations are not made for individual apartments, but only for the entire property at once.

The apartment is usually renovated between 07:00 and 18:00. For the tenant, the facelift renovation requires packing some of the goods. In addition, it is recommended not to stay in the apartment while renovations are in progress, so that workers can put the apartment in good condition. However, at the end of each working day, you can return to the apartment – the traces of that working day have been cleaned and you can live in the apartment. Facelift renovations are made to properties that are technically in perfect condition, but in terms of surfaces and general appearance in need of a facelift. The content of facelift renovations varies slightly from site to site, so that in some properties the renovation also includes the renovation of the bathrooms in the apartments, while in some the focus is on updating the surfaces of other rooms. Thus, the duration of the renovation per apartment also varies. However, the objective is always that with a few days of flexibility, the tenant gets a much more modern apartment in general appearance.

Kilonportti 1: Before facelift
Kilonportti 1: After facelift

Ongoing facelift renovations

Maakaari 1

A facelift renovation is going on at the property until April 2023. The aim of the facelift renovation is to improve the overall appearance of the apartments with as little harm to the tenants as possible. During the facelift renovation we will renovate the bathrooms of the apartments completely and also renew the kitchens and change the floor materials. The renovation lasts eight working days in one apartment. We will also improve the general appearance of the common spaces so that the whole property receives a facelift, which gives it a more fresh and cosy look. The facelift renovation does not affect the tenancy agreements, but all parking spaces are out of use until the facelift renovation is completed.

Upcoming facelift renovations

A facelift renovation has been planned to start at these properties in 2023:

Helmikuja 6
Rörstrandinkatu 3
Silmupolku 1

Tilanhoitajankaari 6
Majurinkulma 2
Rörstrandinkatu 3

A video about facelift renovation:

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