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Five tips for applying

How can you raise your chances of getting an apartment? What could you do to get a Hoas home faster? Here’s our five tips to take your apartment application to the next level!

There are many things to consider when filling an apartment application.

1. Submit your application as soon as you are accepted into school

Did you receive an acceptance letter? Congratulations, you have an exciting stage of life ahead of you! If your school is located in the capital area (and you meet other our criteria as well) you can apply for Hoas apartment. At the beginning of the semester the students coming to capital area to begin their studies have a priority for getting an apartment. However, you should submit your apartment application as soon as possible since among other premises we offer apartments to those who have waited the longest.

2. Quickly to a new home? Choose shared apartment.

A room in a shared apartment is the true and tested students’ choice. While the rent is already easy on the budget and includes electricity and water, you can also get a room in shared apartment quickly – at least faster than any other type of Hoas apartment. Shared apartment is the perfect choice when you need to find an apartment fast. And if you later find out that a life with roommates is not for you, you can always apply to another Hoas apartment.

Are you roommate material? Take our test to find out what type of roommate you are and if living in shared apartment would suit you.

3. Apply for many areas

Hoas apartments can be found in total of 43 different areas in Helsinki capital region. Our areas are located near schools or good public transportation. Get help for figuring out the areas from our area test.

Another handy tool for finding suitable areas is Hoas Maps where you can see the locations of our properties, nearby schools, and public transportation.

Your area wishes affect how quickly you can get an apartment. The more you choose on your application, the wider selection we have to offer from!

4. Figure out a suitable maximum rent

We will offer you an apartment in which the rent doesn’t exceed the maximum rent on your application. However, you shouldn’t just guess the amount you fill in if you wish for the best chance on getting an apartment.

The rent of a single apartment depends on many things: location, type and size of the apartment, age and condition of the property, and even on which floor the apartment is located in. For example, a rent for studio in our most popular areas can be more than 900 euros, while elsewhere the rent for a studio could be less than 500 euros. For a room in shared apartment, 300 euros is sufficient.

You should get familiar with the general price level of the areas you are interested in as well as the rent of a certain type of apartment. Based on these, you can consider the best maximum rent so that getting an apartment won’t depend on small change.

5. Update your application once a month

You should update your application at least once a month if you are actively searching for an apartment. Your application will be valid for three months but with frequent updates you let us know that your need for an apartment is still current. Remember also to remove your application if you find housing elsewhere.

Edit your application if there are changes in your own situation. Editing your application doesn’t change how long you have been waiting for an Hoas apartment.

It is most important to keep your contact information correct so that the possible apartment offer reaches you. Edit your application also if you change schools or wish for a different move-in date. While editing your application, you can also add different apartments and areas, or increase your maximum rent – the bigger selection we have to offer from, the more likely it is you get an apartment!

Getting an apartment can be quicker when you have chosen many areas and apartments,
and you have considered a suitable maximum rent.

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