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Moving in together

Your partner can move in to your Hoas apartment if you live in a studio, two-room apartment, or bigger apartment. Your partner doesn’t have to be a student. When you are planning to move in together, get in touch with our customer service, so we can arrange your tenancy agreement related details in time. A partner moving in needs to always be approved by Hoas.

Joint tenancy agreement

When your partner is added to your tenancy agreement, a joint tenancy agreement is formed. Joint tenancy agreement means that you both are equally responsible for the condition of the apartment and paying the rent. In practice, this means that if your partner doesn’t pay their share of rent as you have agreed between yourselves, you are still responsible to pay the rent of whole the apartment. This applies always to both tenants, and it doesn’t matter who lived in the apartment first. If the rent is not paid despite our reminders, you both will be transferred to the collection agency.

Also, a joint tenancy agreement can’t be terminated by only one of the tenants. If you later wish to separate, you both need to terminate the tenancy with our termination form.

Moving in with a friend

A friend can move in with you if you live in a studio, two-room apartment or bigger. A new tenant moving in need to always be approved by Hoas, so get in touch with our customer service before the move.

When you move in with your friend, you will have a joint tenancy agreement as well. This means that both of you are responsible for paying the rent and keeping the apartment in good condition. You can also apply to a same shared apartment with your friend.

Room in a shared apartment and moving in together

A room in a shared apartment is meant for only one tenant, so your partner can’t move in with you if you live in a shared apartment. If you are still planning to move in together, you can apply for a Hoas family apartment. Only one of the tenants needs to be a student in a family apartment.

Things to remember when you move in together

  • The rent of the apartment will remain the same whether there are one or more tenants.
  • If you receive a general housing allowance from Kela, it needs to be reviewd each time the number of tenants in your apartment changes. Get familiar how moving in may change your housing allowance from Kela’s website.
  • Moving in together is a big step in any relationship. Discuss your expectations, living habits, and how you plan to share the costs of living before you move in together.
  • One home insurance is enough to cover all the belongings in your apartment. However, you should check if you need to notify your insurance company about the change in the number of tenants in your apartment and take care of any insurance related matters.

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