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Rent and other payments

The rent payment information and your payment status can be found at MyHoas. Go to “Agreements and payments”, choose your address, click “Show payments”. On the payment page, click the printer icon to see all your invoices. You can also get your invoice directly to your online bank by ordering the E-invoice in your bank’s online service.

You can also see the amount of deposit paid in the service.

Always remember to use the correct reference number when you pay the rent. The reference number stays the same every month and you can see it in your rent invoice. Using the reference number helps us to process your payments faster and more reliably.

If the payment is made without the correct reference number and we cannot tie the payment to the tenant’s agreement, the tenant will be responsible for any costs associated with payment reminders.

Due date of the rent payment

The due date for rents is always the 6th of each month or the next business day after that.

The rent due date is fixed and cannot be changed under any circumstances.

If your rents or other payments are overdue or only partially paid, you will be sent a payment reminder, which adds a reminder charge (5 €/reminder) to the rent. The reminders for the overdue payments are sent once a month.

If the payment is not received after a reminder has been sent, the collection of the debt will be transferred to our collection agency Svea Perintä. Any debts transferred to the debt collection agency will accumulate interest and incur other expenses. Please note that the cost involved in debt collection can be considerable. Unpaid rents can lead to losing control of the apartment and ruining your credit rating, which could be damaging to you in the future.

If your unpaid rents have been transferred to the collection agency and you would like to set up a repayment schedule or find out the total amount of your debt, please contact the collection agency:

Svea Perintä
tel. (03) 512 4484

Paying your rent for several months at a time

By using the correct reference number, you can pay rent for several months at a time or pay the rent from separate accounts. Check that the amount you pay and the account number you use are correct.  Please keep your receipts/account statements as proof of rent paid and keep track of when you need to pay your rent again.

If you accidentally pay your rent several times, the extra payment can be used to cover your next months’ rents or alternatively the extra payment can be returned to you. If you want it to be returned to you, please send the account information for the return to Hoas payment services (

You can be invoiced for maintenance work, unpaid Securitas door openings, extra keys, lost keys etc. Invoicing is always done according to the tenant charge sheet.

Door opening service is provided by Securitas in most Hoas properties. Securitas will send you an invoice according to the service contract given to you by the guard when the door is opened. If you do not pay by the due date, the collection of payment transfers to Hoas. The payment is invoiced according to the tenant charge sheet.

Certificate of rent payment records

If you need a certificate of your rent payment records, for example for a new landlord, you can ask for a certificate from Hoas payment services (

The official signed certificate from Hoas costs 10 €.

Joint responsibility tenancy agreement

In a family apartment the tenants have joint responsibility for paying the rent. A joint responsibility tenancy agreement means that all tenants are responsible for paying the rent. If the rent is not paid, each tenant will be transferred to the collection agency and any interest or other costs incurred by the debt will be shared between those responsible (Law concerning rental apartments 11 §).

Joint responsibility will remain even if one tenant moves out without giving official notice of termination. If you stay on alone in a family apartment, you will be responsible for the entire rent by yourself.

Raising the rent

Rents are adjusted in the autumn in conjunction with budgeting, and any increases in rent will be enforced from the beginning of January. The tenants will be notified of the changes at least two months prior to the increase. The rent increase notification letter will be sent to tenants by post.

Hoas sends monthly details of tenants and rents collected to Kela’s Centre for Student Financial Aid. The information is provided for Kela to be able to verify the information of the tenants receiving student financial aid.

International bank transfer fees

Please note that it is your responsibility to take care of any charges for international transactions, so you should add them to the amount to be paid. Any added costs will reduce the amount received by Hoas. Your own bank can advise you about the bank fees.

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