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Frontpage Tenants General Terms of the Tenancy Agreement and rules and regulations

General terms of the tenancy agreement and rules and regulations

You agree to comply with the general terms and rules when you sign your tenancy agreement with Hoas.

By signing the tenancy agreement, you agree to follow its terms and conditions, which define the rights and obligations of both the tenant and the lessor.

Rules and regulations

In addition to the Public Order Act and other laws and statutes, tenants must observe the rules and regulations of Hoas. No one should unnecessarily disturb others with their behaviour or in any other way. Tenants are required to behave in ways that do not disturb normal domestic peace. The tenant must let their neighbours have their night-time peace from 10pm to 6am on weekdays and on weekends and holidays from 11pm to 8am.

Tenants must ensure that their guests also follow the rules and regulations. Tenants are held responsible and liable for any damage, neglect or other carelessness not only by themselves but also by their guests.

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