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Tenants’ co-operation body

The members of tenants’ co-operation body are chosen from each property at the yearly tenant meeting. Usually, the member is the chairperson of the tenant committee, unless the tenant meeting decides otherwise. It is also possible that the member of tenants’ co-operation body is not a member of the tenant committee if none of the member of the committee are interested in the position.

Tenants’ co-operation body is a channel between Hoas and tenants. In co-operation body, tenants work together to make student housing easy and comfortable. Tenants’ co-operation body gives a chance to influence the living comfort at Hoas’ properties. At the meeting you can state your opinion of things like the condition of apartments, maintenance of the property, outdoor areas, rules and regulations, and housing costs.

Tenants can also influence how the annual allowances are shared to tenant committees and activity. Also, what kind of events and shared activities Hoas should support and how, for example, club rooms should be furnished by Hoas.

In tenants’ co-operation body, tenants can develop student housing to the direction they deem best. Co-operation body gives recommendations of the important things of their choosing to Hoas administration.

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