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Services for Hoas tenant

Free internet connection

As a Hoas tenant you get an internet connection as a free additional service. Hoasnet connection is free of charge for tenants and you only need to have your own ethernet network cable and, if you want a wifi, a router. For most Hoas apartments the internet service provider is DNA. Read more about opening internet connection here. When facing problems with Hoasnet or having questions about it, please contact DNA’s Fault notices by phone +358 800 300 500 and tell that you are a Hoas tenant using Hoasnet provided by DNA. You have also access to DNA’s cable TV-channels.

Trinet in Otaniemi

In Jämeräntaival 9, Jämeräntaival 10, Jämeräntaival 11, Servin Maijan tie 3, Servinkuja 5 and Servinkuja 6 your connection is Trinet, the Otaniemi area campus network. Read more about Trinet.

If you have any problems with the connection, act according to the instructions on Trinet site:

Telia’s Hoasnet in Juusintie

Hoasnet is a free service provided by Telia. In order to connect your device to the internet you need an Ethernet cable (RJ-45) and your Hoas customer number.


Almost all of the Hoas properties have well equipped laundry rooms, where doing your washing is free and easy. You can book washing machines from the electronical booking system. The tenant can book either 5 or 10 laundry/dryer turns per week. The use of tumble dryers, drying cabinets, spin dryers and drying rooms is also free. In the newest and recently renovated buildings there are also adjacent study spaces where you can spend time while doing your laundry.

Installing a washing machine in your apartment requires a home insurance.

The reservation system does not cover properties that are not fully owned by Hoas, properties that have no laundry rooms available for reservation, or properties where Hoas does not manage the laundry rooms. At these properties, laundry reservations are not managed by Hoas, please check further information from the property’s page:


Most Hoas properties have a sauna, and tenants can reserve a time slot at no cost from the electronical booking system. There are either 3 or 5 free sauna reservations per calendar month depending on the property. The saunas will be heated at least from Wednesday to Saturday between 5 pm and 10 pm.

The reservation system does not cover properties that are not fully owned by Hoas, properties that have no saunas available for reservation, or properties where Hoas does not manage the saunas.


Water is included in the rent in all Hoas apartments.

Electricity in all shared apartments

Electricity is included in the rent in all shared apartments. Electricity is included in the rent in some of the studios and family apartments. In the newest buildings the tenant makes their own electricity contract with a company of their choice. Housing offer includes the information about whether electricity is included in the rent or not.

Hoas uses Finnish hydroelectricity.

Clubrooms and other common spaces

There are clubrooms, gyms, common kitchens, rooftop terraces etc. available for tenants at Hoas properties. The tenants of the building are able to organise events and other activity of their liking. In most Hoas properties you can contact your building’s own tenant committee concerning the clubroom reservations.


The storage lockers available to tenants are usually located in the basement of the property.

Parking space

Most Hoas properties have car parking spaces for tenants and guest spaces for temporary parking. The type of parking space, amount of spaces and prices vary. There is a separate fee for parking space reservation. You can fill in a parking space reservation form via Online services page.

Parking in yards is forbidden, with the exception of temporary parking of a maximum of 15 minutes to load/unload items, for example when you move in. The driver must remain near the car and the car must be moved to a proper parking space as soon as the loading/unloading is finished.

In guest spaces, parking is allowed with a parking disc for a maximum of 4 hours during weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm. At other times there are no restrictions on the parking time. Guest spaces are intended for short-term parking for the tenants’ guests.

It is forbidden to use the heating poles to charge electric cars. The socket outlet is not intended to be used at high loads for long periods of time and charging will cause a fire risk.

In the majority of Hoas properties, the car parks are monitored by Aimo Park.

Door opening service

The door opening service is intended to guarantee your access to the apartment even in the event that you are temporarily not in possession of the key (the key is lost or you may have left it in the apartment). The door opening service can only be used by the tenant that is officially registered as the tenant by Hoas. You must prove your identity by showing an official identity document such as passport or EU identity card (with a photo).

Versatile maintenance

If something is broken, we will fix it. A large part of the maintenance work in the apartment is free of charge for the tenant. Continuous maintenance covers, for example, changing tap seals or attaching wardrobe handles.

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