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Water and electricity

From this page, you’ll find information about water, electricity, and heating on our properties.


Water is included in the rent in most of Hoas apartments. When the water is included in the rent, the tenant doesn’t have a separate water fee. In our newest and recently renovated properties there is monthly advance for water, which makes it possible to invoice the tenant based on their actual water usage.

These properties have a water fee (monthly advance)

  • Katajanokanranta 21
  • Vieraskuja 5
  • Anna Sahlsténinkatu 4
  • Työpajankatu 4
  • Yläkiventie 4, 7 ja 9
  • Myllymatkantie 7
  • All new and renovated properties finished after 2023

The water fee is charged as a monthly advance together with rent payment. You will receive an adjustment invoice every four months based on your water consumption. You will be invoiced or refunded depending on whether you have used more or less water than estimated.

Water pricing 2024

Cold water
4,06 €/m3

Warm water
Helsinki 8,98 €/m3
Espoo 7,44 €/m3
Vantaa 5,96 €/m3


Shared apartments

Electricity is included in the rent in shared apartments. You do not need to make your own electricity contract.

Studios, two-room, and family apartments

Please see your housing offer to find information about if the electricity is included in your rent. If the electricity is not included, you will need to make your own electricity contract before you move in. The advantage of making your own contract is that you can influence the total amount of your electric bill by monitoring your electric usage.

To find the best electricity contract, you should compare different electricity service providers and prices before you make a contract. You can compare different contracts available for Hoas homes conveniently at


Heating the apartments is included in the rent. Our properties are heated with district heating and the temperature is managed with automatic thermostats that work in relation to the outdoor temperature. However, please note that if your apartment has for example heated flooring, the usage will show in your electric bill.

Electricity purchased by Hoas

In the apartments where electricity is included in the rent, the electricity is always Finnish waterpower. All our properties electricity and the district heating in our properties in Vantaa and Espoo is acquired emission-free. By the end of the year 2023 all the property electricity and energy is produced with renewable energy sources and from there on 100 % emission-free.

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