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Laundry room and sauna

As a Hoas-tenant you can use your property’s laundry room and sauna free of charge. Most of our properties have laundry rooms and sauna, but there are some exceptions. Check the exceptions and instructions for them at the bottom of this page. If you want to check your property’s services, the easiest way to find them is by logging into MyHoas and looking up your property’s information there.

When you want to use the laundry room or sauna, reserve a time in our online booking system. We will send you your credentials for the system as soon as your tenancy begins.

Laundry room

You can wash your clothes for free in most of Hoas’ buildings. Laundry rooms are well-equipped. On top of the washing machines, you can use the dryers, drying cabinets, spin dryers, and drying rooms during your reservation. In our newest and recently remodeled properties there are study spaces near the laundry rooms, where you can spend time while your laundry is getting clean.

Depending on your property, you can reserve 5 or 10 times for laundry per week.

Remember to mind the other tenants in the laundry room as well. Use the appliances only on your reserved time and make sure that they are available for the next tenant as soon as your time reservation comes to an end.  Remember to take all your belongings with you, keep the laundry room tidy and make sure to take the trashes to garbage bins when your reservation ends.

Are you looking for information about installing your own washing machine? Get to know our instructions on what to keep in mind when installing your own washer.


When you want to enjoy some steams, you can reserve time to use sauna. Saunas are open from Wednesday to Saturday between 5 pm and 10 pm. Depending on the property, you can reserve 3 or 5 sauna times per month.

Remember to mind the other tenants when you use the sauna. Leave the sauna areas as soon as your own reserved time ends so the next tenant gets to enjoy the steams at their turn. Remember to take all your belongings with you and keep the sauna areas tidy.


Reserve laundry room or sauna according to your property’s instructions

  • Hyväntoivonkatu 6 (PNTmobile)
  • Itämerenkatu 12
  • Santakuja 3
  • Selkämerenkatu 6

No laundry room

  • Siamintie 3

No laundry room or sauna

  • Linnankuja 2

Other exceptions

  • Alberganesplanadi 2 – apartments have saunas
  • Helmikuja 6 – apartments have saunas
  • Juusintie 5 – reserve a weekly sauna by contacting us on MyHoas or emailing us at

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